About Us


AGMET is a leading recycler of metal-bearing industrial products in North America based in Oakwood Village, Ohio, with two plants in the Midwest, offices in California and Florida, and a network of affiliated companies located throughout North America.


AGMET has committed a significant investment in proprietary processes that enable us to apply our Recycle 100® philosophy to ensure virtually no by-product waste, helping our customers comply with regulations and be good stewards of the environment.


Through our proprietary processes we do not generate by-products, slags or wastes that end up in landfills. We help our customers with product stewardship, a philosophy where the environment, health and safety center around the product itself – and everyone takes responsibility for reducing their impact on the environment. That’s AGMET Innovation.


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When you partner with AGMET, you are gaining access to a specialized team of uniquely qualified engineers with deep experience in materials management and industrial waste recycling. Contact us for expert solutions to maximize your process efficiencies and return on investment.