History At-A-Glance

1981 - Founded as AGMET Metals, Inc. Began trading aluminum deox and nickel by-products

1989 - Established Oakwood office and operating facility

1991 – Built a calciner to process and recycle metal-bearing by-products containing nickel, cobalt, copper and stainless steel

1995 - Expanded Oakwood plant capacity

1996 - Added Maple Heights facility

2001 - Granted Variance for accepting listed hazardous waste (F006) by Ohio EPA

2004 - Expanded liquid processing at Maple Heights facility

2005 - Granted EPA Variance renewal and modification

2008 - Entered into partnership with Glencore International, a subsidiary of Glencore LTD, began operating as AGMET LLC

2012 - Maple Heights process enhancement

2013 - Launched AGMET Recycle 100® Program

2014 - Michael Agin regains full ownership of AGMET LLC


Detailed History

Founded in 1981 by Michael Agin, AGMET specialized solely in the resale of nontraditional metals, and has since evolved to become a leading recycler of metal-bearing by-products with affiliated organizations that include metal waste generators, recyclers and reclaimers. These capabilities enable us to provide a unique 360-degree value chain to customers and apply our Recycle 100® philosophy producing virtually no by-products or waste.


Our transformation began in the early 1990s when AGMET added new furnace equipment, processes and an expert technical staff to help customers maximize their return on investment when recycling metal by-products.


Beginning in 2008, AGMET became partners with Glencore (now Glencore Xstrata plc) one of the world’s largest diversified natural resource companies and a major producer and marketer of over 90 commodities worldwide.


In May of 2014, Michael Agin regained full ownership of AGMET and continues to make significant investments and improvements to AGMET’s state-of-the art equipment and facilities as well as processes to ensure the health and safety of its employees. AGMET also remains steadfast in our commitment to help our customers comply with regulations and maximize their return on investment while being good stewards of the environment.


Today, AGMET is one of the most innovative, custom solutions recyclers of metal-bearing industrial by-products in North America. Based in Oakwood Village, Ohio, with two plants in the Midwest, offices in California and Florida, and a network of affiliated companies located throughout North America, we have a team of specialized and uniquely qualified engineers with deep experience in materials management and industrial waste recycling.


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